Yuko Hair Straightening in Redditch

Questions & Answers

What is Yuko Hair Straightening?
Yuko Hair Straightening is a Japanese method treatment which permanently
straightens the hair out leaving it poker straight. It does wonders for the hair.
The yuko hair straightening treatment was created by Yuko Yamashita in 1996. 23 years on Yuko is well popular and is requested across salons worldwide.
How long does Yuko Hair Straightening last for?
Yuko is permanent. The hair that has been treated with yuko will last for forever. It’s only the new hair that grows which will be a different texture to the yuko hair. So once your hair starts to grow out then it is recommended to retouch the new hair growth.
Is Japanese hair straightening damaging to the hair?
Yuko hair straightening contains chemicals which can be damaging to the hair if it is left on the hair for too long. It is always best to get a professional who is yuko certified to do to the treatment for you. This way you can have the peace of mind that your hair is in safe hands.
Does the Japanese yuko hair straightening cause hair loss?
If you experience hair loss in significant amounts after the treatment this could be since during the treatment the chemical was applied too closely to the scalp.
The treatment should be applied 1 inch away from the scalp to avoid any hair loss or damage.
Can you colour Yuko Straightened hair?
Any stylist professional will tell you that It is best to wait at least 2 weeks to colour your hair after a yuko hair straightening. The reason being is your hair needs to settle into its new straight hair.

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